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    A "refined" tool for postoperative follow-up management/self-management of bowel cancer patients

    Established in December 2014, Suzhou Premed Medical Laboratory is an independent third-party medical laboratory approved by Suzhou Municipal Health Commission. It has obtained a medical institution license and a secondary biosafety laboratory filing certificate, and (soon) is a COVID-19 nucleic acid testing institution designated by the Health Commission; Obtained the technical acceptance certificate of tumor and infection clinical gene amplification testing laboratory issued by Jiangsu Provincial Clinical Testing Center. In accordance with IS015189 quality management system, a standardized PCR laboratory has been built, with two technical platforms of molecule and protein. The total area of the laboratory is 1500 square meters. It is the key laboratory of molecular biology and translational medicine of malignant tumors in Jiangsu Province, the research center of molecular diagnosis engineering technology of tumors in Jiangsu Province, the multidisciplinary joint diagnosis and treatment technology service center of malignant tumors in Jiangsu Province, and the Premed Precision Medicine Key Laboratory of Suzhou University.

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    The inspection institute has established a comprehensive laboratory quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO15189:2012. The laboratory is equipped with a series of detection and experimental instruments, including LightCyclerTM 480 real-time fluorescence quantitative amplification instrument, Qubit3.0, Nano1000 nucleic acid quantitative instrument, Mindray CL-2000 fully automatic chemiluminescence instrument, Bio-RAD enzyme labeling instrument, and so on.

    Every year, I participate in various inter room quality assessment activities organized by Jiangsu Provincial Inspection Center, National Inspection Center, and Shanghai Inspection Center. All project inter room quality assessments are successfully passed, and the testing quality and level of the testing institute are recognized by major hospitals and physical examination institutions.

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    Multiomics mMRD360
    Postoperative Patient Recurrence Monitoring Platform

  • Hotline: 0512-87662791-8001

  • Address: 3rd Floor, Building 16, Northwest District, Nano City, No. 99, Jinjihu Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park

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